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1. I was born December 25, 1973.
2. I am an oldest child.
3. I am a nail biter.
4. I have an obsessive personality.
5. I can�t stand it when people don�t learn from their mistakes.
6. I am a good listener.
7. I give good advice.
8. I don�t like to take advice from other people.
9. I know how to be smart about money.
10. But sometimes I just don�t do it.
11. I love to sleep.
12. I have been divorced. Twice.
13. I have a thing for younger men.
14. I have a daughter named Abby.
15. She is the best thing that ever happened to me.
16. I am obsessed with Texas Hold�em Poker.
17. I have always lived in Georgia.
18. My mom is my best friend.
19. Even though she drives me crazy sometimes.
20. I have a crush on Kenny Chesney.
21. When I was 7, I fell in the bathtub and broke my 2 front teeth.
22. I love music.
23. But I can�t sing.
24. I used to play the violin.
25. And hope to play the violin again someday.
26. I love Scrabble.
27. I have a tattoo.
28. I wear glasses.
29. Because I�m too lazy to deal with contacts.
30. I love my Dyson vacuum cleaner and my I-Pod.
31. I can�t swim.
32. My hair style is subject to change.
33. I am 5�6�.
34. And �pleasantly plump,� also referred to as �thick.�
35. I�m weird about brands. I will only use a certain shampoo, soap, and laundry detergent.
36. I will play the devil�s advocate.
37. Because I see in black and white and shades of gray.
38. I will sometimes argue a point I don�t believe in just to make people think.
39. I believe in a woman�s right to choose.
40. But it�s not a choice I could ever make.
41. I love reality TV.
42. But I�m trying to wean myself from it.
43. I want to travel to Europe.
44. I want to be financially independent.
45. I don�t trust the government, the police, or people in charge to do the right thing.
46. I want to BE in charge.
47. I am a product junkie.
48. I will buy anything that is supposed to make cleaning house easier.
49. I had post-partum depression.
50. It went undiagnosed and untreated.
51. The only things I have pierced are my ears. One hole in each ear.
52. I have brown eyes.
53. And a bald spot in the eye lashes of my right eye.
54. I sometimes think too much.
55. I was voted �Most Likely to Succeed� my senior year of high school.
56. I hate talk shows.
57. I love soap operas.
58. And game shows.
59. I wish I was an artist.
60. I believe that sometimes a child needs spanking.
61. But not for every offense.
62. I wish I was fluent in Spanish and Italian.
63. I love Italian food.
64. And seafood.
65. I�m opinionated.
66. I like to play video games and computer games.
67. I don�t drink coffee.
68. I do my own taxes.
69. I am terrified of being under-insured.
70. I am addicted to the internet.
71. I have a dry wit that people sometimes don�t understand.
72. I am afraid of getting cancer.
73. I very seldom go out in the sun.
74. I can cross my eyes.
75. I can also twitch my eyes.
76. I love pecan pie.
77. I don�t eat sushi.
78. Or peas.
79. My favorite song is Louis Armstrong�s �It�s a Wonderful World.�
80. My favorite movie is �Shawshank Redemption.�
81. The best concert I ever went to was Rod Stewart in 1998.
82. I love elephants.
83. I don�t consider myself motherly.
84. But I do think I have traded places with my mother.
85. I try to take care of people I love.
86. I�m a hypochondriac.
87. I�m very sensitive to smells.
88. I believe government should be smaller.
89. I try not to put limitations on my daughter.
90. I�m not a patient person.
91. I think commercials are usually funnier than television shows.
92. I am addicted to �Alias� and �24.�
93. I can be impulsive and self-destructive.
94. I think there needs to be a bigger, stronger, more diverse group of female role models.
95. I wish I knew sign language.
96. I�m a hard person to know.
97. I will never have another child.
98. I have a �Life To Do List.�
99. I refuse to have regrets.
100. Because life is a journey.

Lily speaks: Wednesday, Apr. 20, 2005 - 12:08 p.m.

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